17Seth GriffithRW68454085+24491571.250.72
 92Greg McKegg (total) click to view the entire list for Greg McKeggC65314475-34541501.150.83
 18Vladislav NamestnikovC63224971+1550401.130.79
 51Austin Watson (total) click to view the entire list for Austin WatsonC61254368+2471231.110.77
 97Jared KnightRW52262652+2328801.000.54
*16Max DomiC62212849+1348600.790.77
 64Ryan RupertC63173148+10120510.761.90
 86Andreas AthanasiouLW63221537+2222310.590.35
 46Matt RupertLW48122335+1359600.731.23
 71Chris TierneyC65112334+2520020.520.31
Not active on this team74Dane FoxC34131932+1354300.941.59
*2Olli MaattaD5852732+2525100.550.43
 53Bo HorvatLW64111930+278000.470.12
 6Scott HarringtonD4432326+2632200.590.73
*77Josh AndersonRW64121022+1734000.340.53
 21Tyler FerryD6431720+2990200.311.41
*27Brett WelychkaC469918+718010.390.39
 3Brett Cook (total) click to view the entire list for Brett CookD5541317-2692100.311.67
 24Jarred TinordiD4821416+3963000.331.31
 14Tommy HughesD562810+3064000.181.14
 26Colin MartinLW49369+1754100.181.10
 20Kevin RaineD49044+1180000.081.63
Not active on this team13Troy DonnayRD23033+716000.130.70
 29Michael HouserG6202204000.030.06
Not active on this team28Chase HatcherRW9101-26000.110.67
Not active on this team52Jake WorradLD2011+34000.502.00
 12Noah SchwartzLW3011+10000.330.00
*55Kyle PlatzerRW4011+10000.250.00
*12Corey PawleyLW5011+10000.200.00
*35Jake PattersonG601100000.170.00
 41Tyson Teichmann (total) click to view the entire list for Tyson TeichmannG2101100000.050.00
 39Kyle FlemingtonD30011+672000.032.40
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Thursday March 26
SAR 0 0 ERIE 1st - 0:00
NIA 1 2 OTT 1st - 0:00
BELV 0 0 BAR 1st - 20:00
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