12Charles SaraultC68206787+632721.280.47000/0
 93Brett Thompson (total) click to view the entire list for Brett  ThompsonC61323870-11611111.151.00000/0
 10Nail YakupovRW42313869+15301211.640.71000/0
 51Ryan Spooner (total) click to view the entire list for Ryan  SpoonerC57293766-416971.160.28000/0
 14Reid BoucherLW67282250-19191000.750.28000/0
 27Tyler J. Brown (total) click to view the entire list for Tyler J. BrownLW67212748-373720.721.09000/0
 79Ludvig RensfeldtLW58222143+318400.740.31000/0
 20Adrian Robertson (total) click to view the entire list for Adrian RobertsonD52102838+1373500.731.40000/0
 52Alex BassoD4492736+538500.820.86000/0
 8Domenic AlbergaC66171835-744220.530.67000/0
 16Craig HottotRW54201434-5122510.632.26000/0
 27Taylor CarnevaleC3272330-64300.940.12000/0
 55Connor MurphyD3581826-326600.740.74000/0
*77Anthony DeAngeloD6861723-746200.340.68000/0
Not active on this team20Brett RitchieRW238715030100.651.30000/0
 4Craig Duininck (total) click to view the entire list for Craig DuininckD5951015-2228000.250.47000/0
 5Nathan ChiarlittiD6041115+552000.250.87000/0
 44Julian LucianiD672810-1539000.150.58000/0
 78Nickolas LattaC53448-940000.150.75000/0
 7Jack KuzmykD65077-1738000.110.58000/0
Not active on this team17Ryan KujawinskiC29156-72000.210.07000/0
Not active on this team23Jack NevinsC36415-660100.141.67000/0
*13Justice DundasLW44123-9102000.072.32000/0
*21Daniel NikandrovLW7112-12010.290.29000/0
 41Justin ThomasLW15022+34000.130.27000/0
Not active on this team3Daniel BroussardD16022+519000.121.19000/0
Not active on this team45Brandon MaxwellG3202202000.060.06000/0
 21RJ Mahalak (total) click to view the entire list for RJ MahalakLW11011-412000.091.09000/0
*74Nathan MaterLW19011-56000.050.32000/0
 34JP Anderson (total) click to view the entire list for JP AndersonG5701100000.020.00000/0
 17Steve FarlowD1000-12000.002.00000/0
 94Alex GalchenyukC2000-40000.000.00000/0
*15Davis BrownLW14000-66000.000.43000/0
*9Mike DipaoloD14000-19000.000.64000/0
 1Brandon HopeG1800004000.000.22000/0
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Saturday February 13
ERIE 7:00
HAM 7:00
KGN 7:00
SBY 7:00
SAR 7:05
BAR 7:30
FLNT 7:30
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