20Tyler Graovac (total) click to view the entire list for Tyler GraovacC60383573+7181021.220.30
 12Alan Quine (total) click to view the entire list for Alan QuineC54234467+1520601.240.37
 19Joseph CramarossaC68194463+1989420.931.31
 16Brendan GaunceC60332760+10441011.000.73
 14Jordan SubbanD68153651+2247600.750.69
 17Daniil ZharkovLW59251843+1824300.730.41
 10Austen BrassardRW62141933+1594200.531.52
 29Jake Cardwell (total) click to view the entire list for Jake CardwellD54102333-1142310.610.78
 26Stephen SilasD6072330+1745200.500.75
 24Garrett HooeyC68111627+599300.401.46
 6Jake WorradD5742327+1922210.470.39
 28Carter SandlakLW6091423+498100.381.63
 22Brady AustinD6481523+1622310.360.34
 25Scott SimmondsLW6661723+1021100.350.32
 7Michael CurtisLW55101020-130200.360.55
*8Aaron BerishaRW5910818+416000.310.27
Not active on this team13Sergey KuptsovRW336814-619100.420.58
*23Niki PettiC504913+119000.260.38
 9Adam BignellD61077+1083000.111.36
*18Chad HeffernanLW42224+365000.101.55
Not active on this team5Jason ShawD19044-914000.210.74
 30Malcolm SubbanG4603302000.070.04
*11Michael CramarossaC45112-512000.040.27
 31Charlie GrahamG2502202000.080.08
*27Daniel De SousaD40011+222000.030.55
Not active on this team4Alex CarnevaleLW600000000.000.00
Not active on this team20Mack LemmonRW7000+121000.003.00
* indicates Rookie
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  Thursday November 27
ERIE 7:00
NIA 7:00
NB 7:00
PBO 7:05
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