27Nikolay GoldobinRW67385694-30211001.400.31
 7Anthony DeAngeloD51155671-3490611.391.76
 14Nickolas LattaC65382866-41871311.021.34
*35Nikita KorostelevRW60172138-3523800.630.38
 3Jimmy McDowell (total) click to view the entire list for Jimmy McDowellD68132538-5442700.560.62
Not active on this team18Bryan MooreRW31112435-467201.132.16
*10Vladislav KodolaC6772128-4210100.420.15
 21Daniel NikandrovC5391625-2810120.470.19
 16Davis BrownLW5914822-3441400.370.69
 24Kevin Spinozzi (total) click to view the entire list for Kevin  SpinozziD6951722-460000.320.87
*22Jeff KingD6141519-1732100.310.52
 11Hayden Hodgson (total) click to view the entire list for Hayden HodgsonRW529918-2064100.351.23
 12Brandon Lindberg (total) click to view the entire list for Brandon LindbergC554913-2622110.240.40
Not active on this team5Tyler HoreD3631013-1827200.360.75
 2Joshua ChapmanD5611112-14154000.212.75
Not active on this team4Craig DuininckD204610-1319100.500.95
*6Noah BushnellRW62639-2992000.151.48
*19Matteo CiccarelliLW48246-1834000.120.71
*23Zachary CoreD55156-3333000.110.60
 17Alexandre RenaudLW46235-1730000.110.65
*15Patrick WhiteC37404-122000.110.05
Not active on this team11Brett HargraveRW9134-24000.440.44
 9Nathan MaterLW4213+34010.751.00
 24Alex CarnevaleLW31123-126000.100.19
*20Connor SchlichtingD51123-3035000.060.69
Not active on this team28Jordan AddesiLW4202-24000.501.00
 28Ryan VendraminLW13112-30000.150.00
 11Erik RobichaudC15112-74000.130.27
 29Taylor DupuisG4802200000.040.00
 26Nick SprovieroLW13101-56000.080.46
 18Brenden TrottierRW16011-64000.060.25
 5Kyler KeatingD1000-32000.002.00
 9Mike DipaoloD2000-22000.001.00
*32Justin FazioG300000000.000.00
 36Brodie BarrickG2500008000.000.32
* indicates Rookie
Schedule & Results Previous Games
  Friday January 30
ERIE 1 0 KGN 1st - 5:41
BELV 0 1 PLY 2nd - 20:00
NB 0 0 SSM 1st - 2:08
LDN 0 0 GUE 1st - 16:30
OS 0 0 KIT 1st - 18:41
SAR 0 0 OTT 1st - 19:21
MISS 0 0 SBY 1st - 12:35
PBO 0 1 OSH 1st - 16:35
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