OHL Awards


Red Tilson Trophy (Most Outstanding Player)

The Red Tilson Award is the most prestigious award presented by the Ontario Hockey League, going each year to the player that is voted the most outstanding during the regular season by OHL writers and broadcasters.

The Award is in honour of Albert “Red” Tilson, who was killed in action in Europe during World War II. Tilson was the OHA scoring champion for the 1942-43 season after scoring 19 goals and 38 assists for 57 points in 22 games with the Oshawa Generals.

Past Recipients

2022-23: Matthew Maggio (Windsor)
2021-22: Wyatt Johnston (Windsor)
2019-20: Marco Rossi (Ottawa)
2018-19: Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen (Sudbury)
2017-18: Jordan Kyrou (Sarnia)
2016-17: Alex DeBrincat (Erie)
2015-16: Mitchell Marner (London)
2014-15: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2013-14: Connor Brown (Erie)
2012-13: Vincent Trocheck (Plymouth)
2011-12: Michael Houser (London)
2010-11: Ryan Ellis (Windsor)
2009-10: Tyler Seguin (Plymouth)
2008-09: Cody Hodgson (Brampton)
2007-08: Justin Azevedo (Kitchener)
2006-07: John Tavares (Oshawa)
2005-06: Wojtek Wolski (Brampton)
2004-05: Corey Perry (London)
2003-04: Corey Locke (Ottawa)
2002-03: Corey Locke (Ottawa)
2001-02: Brad Boyes (Erie)
2000-01: Brad Boyes (Erie)
1999-00: Andrew Raycroft (Kingston)
1998-99: Brian Campbell (Ottawa)
1997-98: David Legwand (Plymouth)
1996-97: Alyn McCauley (Ottawa)
1995-96: Alyn McCauley (Ottawa)
1994-95: David Ling (Kingston)
1993-94: Jason Allison (London)
1992-93: Pat Peake (Detroit)
1991-92: Todd Simon (Niagara Falls)
1990-91: Eric Lindros (Oshawa)
1989-90: Mike Ricci (Peterborough)
1988-89: Bryan Fogarty (Niagara Falls)
1987-88: Andrew Cassels (Ottawa)
1986-87: Scott McCrory (Oshawa)
1985-86: Ray Sheppard (Cornwall)
1984-85: Wayne Groulx (Sault Ste. Marie)
1983-84: John Tucker (Kitchener)
1982-83: Doug Gilmour (Cornwall)
1981-82: Dave Simpson (London)
1980-81: Ernie Godden (Windsor)
1979-80: Jim Fox (Ottawa)
1978-79: Mike Foligno (Sudbury)
1977-78: Bobby Smith (Ottawa)
1976-77: Dale McCourt (St. Catharines)
1975-76: Peter Lee (Ottawa)
1974-75: Dennis Maruk (London)
1973-74: Jack Valiquette (Sault Ste. Marie)
1972-73: Rick Middleton (Oshawa)
1971-72: Don Lever (Niagara Falls)
1969-70: Gilbert Perreault (Montreal)
1968-69: Rejean Houle (Montreal)
1967-68: Walt Tkaczuk (Kitchener)
1966-67: Mickey Redmond (Peterborough)
1965-66: Andre Lacroix (Peterborough)
1964-65: Andre Lacroix (Peterborough)
1963-64: Yvan Cournoyer (Montreal)
1962-63: Wayne Maxner (Niagara Falls)
1961-62: Pit Martin (Hamilton)
1960-61: Rod Gilbert (Guelph)
1959-60: Wayne Connelly (Peterborough)
1958-59: Stan Mikita (St. Catharines)
1957-58: Murray Oliver (Hamilton)
1956-57: Frank Mahovlich (St. Michael’s)
1955-56: Ron Howell (Guelph)
1954-55: Hank Ciesla (St. Catharines)
1953-54: Brian Cullen (St. Catharines)
1952-53: Bob Attersley (Oshawa)
1951-52: Bill Harrington (Kitchener)
1950-51: Glenn Hall (Windsor)
1949-50: George Armstrong (Toronto)
1948-49: Gil Mayer (Barrie)
1947-48: George Armstrong (Stratford)
1946-47: Ed Sandford (St. Michael’s)
1945-46: Tod Sloan (St. Michael’s)
1944-45: Doug McMurdy (St. Catharines)



Wayne Gretzky '99' Award (OHL Playoff MVP)

The Ontario Hockey League introduced the Wayne Gretzky 99 Award in 1999 to honour the Most Valuable Player in the OHL Playoffs as selected by the media. Gretzky, a native of Brantford, graduated from the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds to become the most prolific scorer in the history of the National Hockey League. The League created the award in tribute of ‘The Great One’ shortly after he announced his retirement from the NHL in 1999.

Past Recipients

2022-23: Michael Simpson (Peterborough Petes)
2021-22: Logan Morrison (Hamilton)
2018-19: Nick Suzuki (Guelph)
2017-18: Robert Thomas (Hamilton)
2016-17: Warren Foegele (Erie)
2015-16: Mitch Marner (London)
2014-15: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2013-14: Robby Fabbri (Guelph)
2012-13: Bo Horvat (London)
2011-12: Austin Watson (London)
2010-11: Robby Mignardi (Owen Sound)
2009-10: Adam Henrique (Windsor)
2008-09: Taylor Hall (Windsor)
2007-08: Justin Azevedo (Kitchener)
2006-07: Marc Staal (Sudbury)
2005-06: Daniel Ryder (Peterborough)
2004-05: Corey Perry (London)
2003-04: Martin St. Pierre (Guelph)
2002-03: Derek Roy (Kitchener)
2001-02: Brad Boyes (Erie)
2000-01: Seamus Kotyk (Ottawa)
1999-00: Brian Finley (Barrie)
1998-99: Justin Papineau (Belleville)

Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy (Top Scorer)

The Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy was donated by the Toronto Marlboro Athletic Club in memory of Edward Powers. The trophy was first awarded to Tod Sloan of St. Michael’s as the league’s top scorer following the 1945-46 season.

Past Recipients

2022-23: Matthew Maggio (Windsor) 66 GP, 54-57–111)
2021-22: Wyatt Johnston (Windsor) (68 GP, 46-78–124)
2019-20: Marco Rossi (Ottawa) (56 GP, 39-81–120)
2018-19: Jason Robertson (Niagara) (62 GP, 48-69–117)
2017-18: Aaron Luchuk (Barrie) (68 GP, 50-65–115)
2016-17: Alex DeBrincat (Erie ) (63 GP, 65-62–127)
2015-16: Kevin Labanc (Barrie) (65 GP, 39-88–127)
2014-15: Dylan Strome (Erie) (68 GP, 45-84–129)
2013-14: Connor Brown (Erie) (68 GP, 45-83–106)
2012-13: Vincent Trocheck (Plymouth) (63 GP, 50-59–109)
2011-12: Michael Sgarbossa (Sudbury ) (66 GP, 47-55–102)
2010-11: Jason Akeson (Kitchener) (67 GP, 24-84–108)
———– Tyler Toffoli (Ottawa) (68 GP, 57-51–108)
2009-10: Tyler Seguin (Plymouth) (63 GP, 48-58–106)
———– Taylor Hall (Windsor (57 GP, 40-66–106)
2008-09: John Tavares (London) (56 GP, 58-46–104)
2007-08: Justin Azevedo (Kitchener) (67 GP, 43-81–124)
2006-07: Patrick Kane (London) (58 GP, 62-83–145)
2005-06: Rob Schremp (London) (57 GP, 57-88–145)
2004-05: Corey Perry (London) (60 GP, 47-83–130)
2003-04: Corey Locke (Ottawa) (65 GP, 51-67–118)
2002-03: Corey Locke (Ottawa) (66 GP, 63-88–151)
2001-02: Nathan Robinson (Belleville) (67 GP, 47-63–110)
2000-01: Kyle Wellwood (Belleville) (68 GP, 35-83–118)
1999-00: Sheldon Keefe (Barrie) (66 GP, 48-73–121)
1998-99: Peter Sarno (Sarnia) (68 GP, 37-93–130)
1997-98: Peter Sarno (Windsor) (64 GP, 33-88–121)
1996-97: Marc Savard (Oshawa) (64 GP, 43-87–130)
1995-96: Aaron Brand (Sarnia) (66 GP, 46-73–119)
1994-95: Marc Savard (Oshawa) (66 GP, 43-96–139)
1993-94: Jason Allison (London) (56 GP, 55-87–142)
1992-93: Andrew Brunette (Owen Sound) (66 GP, 62-100–162)
1991-92: Todd Simon (Niagara Falls) (66 GP, 53-93–146)
1990-91: Eric Lindros (Oshawa) (57 GP, 71-78–149)
1989-90: Keith Primeau (Niagara Falls) (65 GP, 57-70–127)
1988-89: Bryan Fogarty (Niagara Falls) (66 GP, 47-108–155)
1987-88: Andrew Cassels (Ottawa) (61 GP, 48-103–151)
1986-87: Scott McCrory (Oshawa) (66 GP, 51-99–150)
1985-86: Ray Sheppard (Cornwall) (63 GP, 81-61–142)
1984-85: Dave MacLean (Belleville) (63 GP, 64-90–154)
1983-84: Tim Salmon (Kingston) (69 GP, 45-100–145)
1982-83: Doug Gilmour (Cornwall) (68 GP, 70-107–177)
1981-82: Dave Simpson (London) (68 GP, 67-88–155)
1980-81: John Goodwin (Sault Ste. Marie) (68 GP, 56-110–166)
1979-80: Jim Fox (Ottawa) (52 GP, 65-101–166)
1978-79: Mike Foligno (Sudbury) (68 GP, 65-85–150)
1977-78: Bobby Smith (Ottawa) (61 GP, 69-123–192)
1976-77: Dwight Foster (Kitchener) (64 GP, 60-83–143)
1975-76: Mike Kaszycki (Sault Ste. Marie) (66 GP, 51-119–170)
1974-75: Bruce Boudreau (Toronto) (69 GP, 68-97–165)
1973-74: Jack Valiquette (Sault Ste. Marie (69 GP, 63-72–135)
———– Rick Adduono (St. Catharines) (70 GP, 51-84–135)
1972-73: Blake Dunlop (Ottawa) (62 GP, 60-99–159)
1971-72: Dave Gardner (Toronto) (57 GP, 53-76–129)
———– Bill Harris (Toronto) (63 GP, 57-72–129)
1970-71: Marcel Dionne (St. Catharines) (54 GP, 62-81–143)
1969-70: Marcel Dionne (St. Catharines) (54 GP, 55-77–132)
1968-69: Rejean Houle (Montreal) (54 GP, 53-55–108)
1967-68: Tom Webster (Niagara Falls) (54 GP, 50-64–114)
1966-67: Derek Sanderson (Niagara Falls) (47 GP, 41-60–101)
1965-66: Andre Lacroix (Peterborough) (48 GP, 40-80–120)
1964-65: Ken Hodge (St. Catharines) (55 GP, 63-60–123)
1963-64: Andre Boudrias (Montreal) (55 GP, 38-97–135)
1962-63: Wayne Maxner (Niagara Falls) (50 GP, 32-62–94)
1961-62: Andre Boudrias (Montreal) (50 GP, 34-63–97)
1960-61: Rod Gilbert (Guelph) (47 GP, 54-49–103)
1959-60: Chico Maki (St. Catharines) (47 GP, 39-53–92)
1958-59: Stan Mikita (St. Catharines) (45 GP, 38-59–97)
1957-58: John McKenzie (St. Catharines) (52 GP, 48-51–99)
1956-57: Bill Sweeney (Guelph) (52 GP, 49-57–106)
1955-56: Stan Baliuk (Kitchener) (48 GP, 31-73–104)
1954-55: Hank Ciesla (St. Catharines) (45 GP, 57-49–106)
1953-54: Brian Cullen (St. Catharines) (59 GP, 68-93–161)
1952-53: Jim McBurney (Galt) (55 GP, 61-35–96)
1951-52: Ken Laufman (Guelph) (54 GP, 53-86–139)
1950-51: Lou Jankowski (Oshawa) (54 GP, 65-59–124)
1949-50: Earl Reibel (Windsor) (48 GP, 53-76–129)
1948-49: Bert Giesebrecht (Windsor) (44 GP, 47-46–93)
1947-48: George Armstrong (Stratford) (36 GP, 33-40–73)
1946-47: Fleming Mackell (St. Michael’s) (28 GP, 49-33–82)
1945-46: Tod Sloan (St. Michael’s) (25 GP, 47-32–79)
1944-45: Leo Gravelle (St. Michael’s) (17 GP, 30-22–52)
1943-44: Ken Smith (Oshawa) (26 GP, 53-26–79)
1942-43: Albert ‘Red’ Tilson (Oshawa) (22 GP, 19-38–57)
1941-42: Bob Wiest (Brantford) (40 GP, 40-28–68)
1940-41: Gaye Stewart (Toronto) (16 GP, 31-13–44)
1939-40: Jud McAtee (Oshawa) (18 GP, 25-19–44)
1938-39: Billy Taylor (Oshawa) (14 GP, 22-31–53)
1937-38: Hank Goldup (Toronto) (14 GP, 25-16–41)
1936-37: Billy Taylor (Oshawa) (12 GP, 12-14–26)
1935-36: John O’Flaherty (West Toronto) (10 GP, 6-14–20)
1934-35: J. Good (Toronto Lions) (16 GP, 15-13–28)
1933-34: J. Graboski (Oshawa) (16 GP, 23-23–46)



Jim Mahon Memorial Trophy (Top Scoring Right Winger)

The Jim Mahon Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the right winger who scores the most points during the OHL regular season. The trophy was presented for competition in the 1971-72 season by the players and management of the Peterborough Major Junior Hockey Club in memory of Jim Mahon, right winger for their team who was accidently killed that summer. In the event of a tie, the award will go to the right winger who has scored the most goals. If there is still a tie, the players will become co-winners.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Matthew Maggio (Windsor)
2021-22: Lucas Edmonds (Kingston)
2019-20: Arthur Kaliyev (Hamilton)
2018-19: Justin Brazeau (North Bay)
2017-18: Jordan Kyrou (Sarnia)
2016-17: Alex DeBrincat (Erie)
2015-16: Kevin Labanc (Barrie)
2014-15: Mitchell Marner (London)
2013-14: Connor Brown (Erie)
2012-13: Seth Griffith (London)
2011-12: Tyler Toffoli (Ottawa)
2010-11: Tyler Toffoli (Ottawa)
———– Jason Akeson (Kitchener)
2009-10: Taylor Beck (Guelph)
2008-09: Bryan Cameron (Belleville)
2007-08: John Hughes (Brampton)
2006-07: Patrick Kane (London)
2005-06: David Bolland (London)
2004-05: Corey Perry (London)
2003-04: Corey Perry (London)
2002-03: Matt Foy (Ottawa)
2001-02: Mike Renzi (Belleville)
2000-01: Branko Radivojevic (Belleville)
1999-00: Sheldon Keefe (Barrie)
1998-99: Norm Milley (Sudbury)
1997-98: Maxim Spiridonov (London)
1996-97: Joe Seroski (Sault Ste. Marie)
1995-96: Cameron Mann (Peterborough)
1994-95: David Ling (Kingston)
1993-94: Kevin Brown (Detroit)
1992-93: Kevin Brown (Detroit)
1991-92: Darren McCarty (Belleville)
1990-91: Rob Pearson (Oshawa)
1989-90: Owen Nolan (Cornwall)
1988-89: Stan Drulia (Niagara Falls)
1987-88: Sean Williams (Oshawa)
1986-87: Ron Goodall (Kitchener)
1985-86: Ray Sheppard (Cornwall)
1984-85: Dave MacLean (Belleville)
1983-84: Wayne Presley (Kitchener)
1982-83: Ian MacInnis (Cornwall)
1981-82: Tony Tanti (Oshawa)
1980-81: Tony Tanti (Oshawa)
1979-80: Jim Fox (Ottawa)
1978-79: Mike Foligno (Sudbury)
1977-78: Dino Ciccarelli (London)
1976-77: John Anderson (Toronto)
1975-76: Peter Lee (Ottawa)
1974-75: Mark Napier (Toronto)
1973-74: Dave Gorman (St. Catharines)
1972-73: Dennis Vervegaert (London)
1971-72: Bill Harris (Toronto)



Max Kaminsky Trophy (Defenceman of the Year)

The Max Kaminsky Trophy is awarded annually to the Most Outstanding Defenceman as selected by League general managers. Prior to 1969, the Kaminsky Trophy was awarded to the Most Gentlemanly Player. The award is named in recognition of Kaminsky, who enjoyed a 10-year professional playing career that included four years in the NHL with Ottawa, Boston and Montreal. After he retired from playing, Kaminsky enjoyed a 15-year coaching career that was capped by winning the Memorial Cup with the St. Catharines Teepees in 1960.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Pavel Mintyukov (Ottawa)
2021-22: Nathan Staios (Hamilton)
2019-20: Noel Hoefenmayer (Ottawa)
2018-19: Evan Bouchard (London)
2017-18: Nicolas Hague (Mississauga)
2016-17: Darren Raddysh (Erie)
2015-16: Mikhail Sergachev (Windsor)
2014-15: Anthony DeAngelo (Sault Ste. Marie)
2013-14: Aaron Ekblad (Barrie)
2012-13: Ryan Sproul (Sault Ste. Marie)
2011-12: Dougie Hamilton (Niagara)
2010-11: Ryan Ellis (Windsor)
2009-10: Jacob Muzzin (Sault Ste. Marie)
2008-09: Ryan Ellis (Windsor)
2007-08: Drew Doughty (Guelph)
2006-07: Marc Staal (Sudbury)
2005-06: Andrej Sekera (Owen Sound)
2004-05: Danny Syvret (London)
2003-04: James Wisniewski (Plymouth)
2002-03: Brendan Bell (Ottawa)
2001-02: Erik Reitz (Barrie)
2000-01: Alexei Semenov (Sudbury)
1999-00: John Erskine (London)
1998-99: Brian Campbell (Ottawa)
1997-98: Chris Allen (Kingston)
1996-97: Sean Blanchard (Ottawa)
1995-96: Bryan Berard (Detroit)
1994-95: Bryan Berard (Detroit)
1993-94: Jamie Rivers (Sudbury)
1992-93: Chris Pronger (Peterborough)
1991-92: Drake Berehowsky (North Bay)
1990-91: Chris Snell (Ottawa)
1989-90: John Slaney (Cornwall)
1988-89: Bryan Fogarty (Niagara Falls)
1987-88: Darryl Shannon (Windsor)
1986-87: Kerry Huffman (Guelph)
1985-86: Jeff Brown (Sudbury)
———– Terry Carkner (Peterborough)
1984-85: Bob Halkidis (London)
1983-84: Brad Shaw (Ottawa)
1982-83: Al MacInnis (Kitchener)
1981-82: Ron Meighan (Niagara Falls)
1980-81: Randy Boyd (Ottawa)
1979-80: Larry Murphy (Peterborough)
1978-79: Greg Theberge (Peterborough)
1977-78: Brad Marsh (London)
———– Rob Ramage (London)
1976-77: Craig Hartsburg (Sault Ste. Marie)
1975-76: Rick Green (London)
1974-75: Mike O’Connell (Kingston)
1973-74: Jim Turkiewicz (Peterborough)
1972-73: Denis Potvin (Ottawa)
1971-72: Denis Potvin (Ottawa)
1970-71: Jocelyn Geuvremont (Montreal)
1969-70: Ron Plumb (Peterborough)



OHL Goaltending Awards

Jim Rutherford Trophy – OHL Goaltender of the Year

First presented in 2019-20, the Jim Rutherford Trophy is presented to the player that is selected by the member teams as the top goaltender in the League. The award is named in recognition of Jim Rutherford, a former three-time Stanley Cup champion, two-time OHL Executive of the Year and 1969 Memorial Cup champion with the Montreal Jr. Canadiens. After a three-year tenure in the OHA and 13 seasons as an NHL goaltender, Rutherford served as GM of the OHL’s Windsor Compuware Spitfires, Detroit Ambassadors and Detroit Jr. Red Wings before embarking on a 25-year career as an NHL general manager. The winner is the OHL’s nominee for the CHL Goaltender of the Year.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Domenic DiVincentiis (North Bay Battalion)
2021-22: Brett Brochu (London Knights)
2019-20: Nico Daws (Guelph Storm)
2018-19: Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen (Sudbury)
2017-18: Michael DiPietro (Windsor)
2016-17: Michael McNiven (Owen Sound)
2015-16: Mackenzie Blackwood (Barrie)
2014-15: Lucas Peressini (Kingston)
2013-14: Alex Nedeljkovic (Plymouth)
2012-13: Jordan Binnington (Owen Sound)
2011-12: Michael Houser (London)
2010-11: Mark Visentin (Niagara)
2009-10: Chris Carrozzi (Mississauga)
2008-09: Mike Murphy (Belleville)
2007-08: Mike Murphy (Belleville)
2006-07: Steve Mason (London)
2005-06: Adam Dennis (London)
2004-05: Michael Ouzas (Mississauga)
2003-04: Paulo Colaiacovo (Barrie)
2002-03: Andy Chiodo (Toronto)
2001-02: Ray Emery (Sault Ste. Marie)
2000-01: Craig Andersson (Guelph)
1999-00: Andrew Raycroft (Kingston)
1998-99: Brian Finley (Barrie)
1997-98: Bujar Amidovski (Toronto)
1996-97: Zac Bierk (Peterborough)
1995-96: Craig Hillier (Ottawa)
1994-95: Tyler Moss (Kingston)
1993-94: Jamie Storr (Owen Sound)
1992-93: Manny Legace (Niagara Falls)
1991-92: Mike Fountain (Oshawa)
1990-91: Mike Torchia (Kitchener)
1989-90: Jeff Fife (Belleville)
1988-89: Gus Morschauser (Kitchener)
1987-88: Rick Tabaracci (Cornwall)


Dave Pinkney Trophy (Lowest Team Goals-Against)

The Dave Pinkney Trophy is awarded annually to the goaltenders of the team with that allowed the least amount of goals during the regular season.

Past Recipients:
2022-23: Max Donoso/Collin MacKenzie (Ottawa)
2021-22: Marco Costantini/Matteo Drobac (Hamilton)
2019-20: Cedrick Andree/Will Cranley (Ottawa)
2018-19: Cedrick Andree/Michael DiPietro (Ottawa)
2017-18: Matthew Villalta/Tyler Johnson (Sault Ste. Marie)
2016-17: Michael McNiven/Emanuel Vella (Owen Sound)
2015-16: Tyler Parsons/Brendan Burke (London)
2014-15: Ken Appleby/Jeremy Brodeur (Oshawa)
2013-14: Oscar Dansk/Devin Williams (Erie)
2012-13: Jordan Binnington/Brandon Hope (Owen Sound)
2011-12: Mark Visentin/Chris Festarini (Niagara)
2010-11: JP Anderson/Mikael Audette (Mississauga)
2009-10: Chris Carrozzi/JP Anderson (Mississauga)
2008-09: Andrew Engelage/Josh Unice (Windsor)
2007-08: Kyle Gajewski/Bryce O’Hagan (Sault Ste. Marie)
2006-07: Michal Neuvirth/Jeremy Smith (Plymouth)
2005-06: Dan Turple/Mark Packwood (Kitchener)
2004-05: Gerald Coleman/Adam Dennis (London)
2003-04: Gerald Coleman/Ryan MacDonald (London)
2002-03: Paul Drew/Jeff Weber (Plymouth)
2001-02: Jason Bacashihua/Paul Drew (Plymouth)
2000-01: Rob Zepp/Paul Drew (Plymouth)
1999-00: Rob Zepp/Bill Ruggiero (Plymouth)
1998-99: Robert Holsinger/Rob Zepp (Plymouth)
1997-98: Craig Hillier/Seamus Kotyk (Ottawa)
1996-97: Tim Keyes/Craig Hillier (Ottawa)
1995-96: Dan Cloutier/Brett Thompson (Guelph)
1994-95: Mark McArthur/Andy Adams (Guelph)
1993-94: Sandy Allan/Scott Roche (North Bay)
1992-93: Chad Lang/Ryan Douglas (Peterborough)
1991-92: Kevin Hodson (Sault Ste. Marie)
1990-91: Mike Lenarduzzi/Kevin Hodson (Sault Ste. Marie)
1989-90: Jeff Wilson/Sean Gauthier (Kingston)
1988-89: John Tanner/Todd Bojcun (Peterborough)
1987-88: Todd Bojcun/John Tanner (Peterborough)
1986-87: Jeff Hackett/Sean Evoy (Oshawa)
1985-86: Kay Whitmore/Ron Tugnutt (Peterborough)
1984-85: Scott Mosey/Marty Abrams (Sault Ste. Marie)
1983-84: Darren Pang/Greg Coram (Ottawa)
1982-83: Peter Sidorkiewicz/Jeff Hogg (Oshawa)
1981-82: Marc D’Amour/John Vanbiesbrouck (Sault Ste. Marie)
1980-81: Jim Ralph (Ottawa)
1979-80: Rick LaFerriere/Terry Wright (Peterborough)
1978-79: Nick Ricci/Glen Ernst (Niagara Falls)
1977-78: Al Jensen (Hamilton)
1976-77: Pat Riggin (London)
1975-76: Jim Bedard (Sudbury)
1974-75: Greg Millen (Peterborough)
1973-74: Don Edwards (Kitchener)
1972-73: Mike Palmateer (Toronto Marlboros)
1971-72: Michel Larocque (Ottawa)
1970-71: John Garrett (Peterborough)
1969-70: John Garrett (Peterborough)
1968-69: Wayne Wood/Ted Tucker (Montreal)
1967-68: Jim Rutherford/Gerry Gray (Hamilton)
1966-67: Peter McDuffe (St. Catharines)
1965-66: Ted Ouimet (Montreal)
1964-65: Bernie Parent (Niagara Falls)
1963-64: Bernia Parent (Niagara Falls)
1962-63: Chuck Goddard (Peterborough)
1961-62: George Holmes (Montreal)
1960-61: Bud Blom (Hamilton)
1959-60: Gerry Cheevers (St. Michael’s)
1958-59: Jacques Caron (Peterborough)
1957-58: Len Broderick (Toronto Marlboros)
1956-57: Len Broderick (Toronto Marlboros)
1955-56: Jim Crockett (Toronto Marlboros)
1954-55: John Albani (Toronto Marlboros)
1953-54: Dennis Riggin (Hamilton)
1952-53: John Henderson (Toronto Marlboros)
1951-52: Don Head (Toronto Marlboros)
1950-51: Don Lockhart (Tor. Marlboros) / Lorne Howes (Barrie)
1949-50: Don Lockhart (Toronto Marlboros)
1948-49: Gil Mayer (Barrie)


FW “Dinty” Moore Trophy (Lowest Rookie Goals-Against Average)

The F.W. “Dinty” Moore Trophy is awarded annually to the first year goaltender with the best goals against average during the regular schedule. The trophy is named after Port Colborne native F.W. “Dinty” Moore, the President of the OHA from 1942-45. Moore was honored as a Life Member of the OHA in 1962.

Past Recipients:
2022-23: Zach Bowen (London)
2021-22: Dom DiVincentiis (North Bay)
2019-20: Brett Brochu (London)
2018-19: Ethan Taylor (Sault Ste. Marie)
2017-18: Jordan Kooy (London)
2016-17: Matthew Villalta (Sault Ste. Marie)
2015-16: Michael DiPietro (Windsor)
2014-15: Michael McNiven (Owen Sound)
2013-14: Matthew Mancina (Guelph)
2012-13: Alex Nedeljkovic (Plymouth)
2011-12: Daniel Altshuller (Oshawa)
2010-11: Matej Machovsky (Brampton)
2009-10: Petr Mrazek (Ottawa)
2008-09: JP Anderson (Mississauga)
2007-08: Josh Unice (Kitchener)
2006-07: Michal Neuvirth (Plymouth)
2005-06: Trevor Cann (Peterborough)
2004-05: Kyle Gajewski (Sault Ste. Marie)
2003-04: Ryan MacDonald (London)
2002-03: Ryan Munce (Sarnia)
2001-02: Jason Bacashihua (Plymouth)
2000-01: Andy Chiodo (Toronto)
1999-00: Andrew Sim (Sarnia)
1998-99: Levente Szuper (Ottawa)
1997-98: Seamus Kotyk (Ottawa)
1996-97: Shawn Degagne (Kitchener)
1995-96: Brett Thompson (Guelph)
1994-95: Dave MacDonald (Sudbury)
1993-94: Scott Roche (North Bay)
1992-93: Ken Shepard (Oshawa)
1991-92: Sandy Allan (North Bay)
1990-91: Kevin Hodson (Sault Ste. Marie)
1989-90: Sean Basilio (London)
1988-89: Jeff Wilson (Kingston)
1987-88: Todd Bojcun (Peterborough)
1986-87: Jeff Hackett (Oshawa)
1985-86: Paul Henriques (Belleville)
1984-85: Ron Tugnutt (Peterborough)
1983-84: Gerry Iugliano (Sault Ste. Marie)
1982-83: Dan Burrows (Belleville)
1981-82: Shawn Kilroy (Peterborough)
1980-81: John Vanbiesbrouck (Sault Ste. Marie)
1979-80: Mike Vezina (Ottawa)
1978-79: Nick Ricci (Niagara Falls)
1977-78: Ken Ellacott (Peterborough)
1976-77: Barry Heard (London)
1975-76: Mark Locken (Hamilton)


Emms Family Award (Rookie of the Year)

The Emms Family Award is presented annually to the top first year Ontario Hockey League player as selected by the OHL general managers. The award was donated by Leighton “Hap” Emms, former owner of the Barrie, Niagara Falls and St. Catharines OHL franchises. Hap Emms was also a long time coach and general manager of Barrie, Niagara Falls and St. Catharines. He is 15th among all-time winningest OHL coaches.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Michael Misa (Saginaw)
2021-22: Cam Allen (Guelph)
2019-20: Shane Wright (Kingston)
2018-19: Quinton Byfield (Sudbury)
2017-18: Andrei Svechnikov (Barrie)
2016-17: Ryan Merkley (Guelph)
2015-16: Alexander Nylander (Mississauga)
2014-15: Alex DeBrincat (Erie)
2013-14: Travis Konecny (Ottawa)
2012-13: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2011-12: Aaron Ekblad (Barrie)
2010-11: Nail Yakupov (Sarnia)
2009-10: Matt Puempel (Peterborough)
2008-09: Evgeny Grachev (Brampton)
2007-08: Taylor Hall (Windsor)
2006-07: Patrick Kane (London)
2005-06: John Tavares (Oshawa)
2004-05: Benoit Pouliot (Sudbury)
2003-04: Bryan Little (Barrie)
2002-03: Rob Schremp (Mississauga)
2001-02: Patrick O’Sullivan (Mississauga)
2000-01: Rick Nash (London)
1999-00: Derek Roy (Kitchener)
1998-99: Sheldon Keefe (Barrie)
1997-98: David Legwand (Plymouth)
1996-97: Peter Sarno (Windsor)
1995-96: Joe Thornton (Sault Ste. Marie)
1994-95: Bryan Berard (Detroit)
1993-94: Vitali Yachmenev (North Bay)
1992-93: Jeff O’Neill (Guelph)
1991-92: Chris Gratton (Kingston)
1990-91: Cory Stillman (Windsor)
1989-90: Chris Longo (Peterborough)
1988-89: Owen Nolan (Cornwall)
1987-88: Rick Corriveau (London)
1986-87: Andrew Cassels (Ottawa)
1985-86: Lonnie Loach (Guelph)
1984-85: Derek King (Sault Ste. Marie)
1983-84: Shawn Burr (Kitchener)
1982-83: Bruce Cassidy (Ottawa)
1981-82: Pat Verbeek (Sudbury)
1980-81: Tony Tanti (Oshawa)
1979-80: Bruce Dowie (Toronto)
1978-79: John Goodwin (Sault Ste. Marie)
1977-78: Wayne Gretzky (Sault Ste. Marie)
1976-77: Mike Gartner (Niagara Falls)
1975-76: John Tavella (Niagara Falls)
1974-75: Danny Shearer (Hamilton)
1973-74: Jack Valiquette (Sault Ste. Marie)
1972-73: Denis Maruk (London)



Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy (Humanitarian of the Year)

The Ontario Hockey League Board of Governors announced on November 19, 2004 that the OHL Humanitarian of the Year award was renamed the Dan Snyder Memorial Trophy in recognition of the former Owen Sound Platers captain who died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident in September, 2004. Snyder, who played four seasons with Owen Sound, was twice named his team’s humanitarian of the year in recognition of his tremendous efforts in supporting community activities.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Dalyn Wakely (North Bay)
2021-22: Mark Woolley (Owen Sound)
2019-20: Jacob Ingham (Kitchener)
2018-19: Nicholas Canade (Mississauga)
2017-18: Garrett McFadden (Guelph)
2016-17: Garrett McFadden (Guelph)
2015-16: Will Petschenig (Saginaw)
2014-15: Nick Paul (North Bay)
2013-14: Scott Simmonds (Belleville)
2012-13: Ben Fanelli (Kitchener)
2011-12: Andrew D’Agostini (Peterborough)
2010-11: Jack Walchessen (Peterborough)
2009-10: Ryan Hayes (Plymouth)
2008-09: Chris Terry (Plymouth)
2007-08: Peter Stevens (Kingston)
2006-07: Andrew Gibbons (Belleville)
2005-06: Mike Angelidis (Owen Sound)
2004-05: Jeff MacDougald (Peterborough)
2003-04: Chris Campoli (Erie)
2002-03: Michael Mole (Belleville)
2001-02: David Silverstone (Belleville)
2000-01: Joey Sullivan (Erie)
1999-00: Dan Tessier (Ottawa)
1998-99: Ryan McKie (Sudbury)
1997-98: Jason Metcalfe (London)
1996-97: Mike Martone (Peterborough)
1995-96: Craig Mills (Belleville)
1994-95: Brad Brown (North Bay)
1993-94: Brent Tully (Peterborough)
1992-93: Keli Corpse (Kingston)



William Hanley Trophy (Most Sportsmanlike Player)

The William Hanley Trophy is awarded annually to the Most Sportsmanlike Player as selected by the League’s general managers. This trophy is presented by the OHL to commemorate William Hanley, former Secretary-Manager of the Ontario Hockey Association for over 25 years. Prior to its inception in 1974-75, the Max Kaminsky Trophy was awarded to the Most Gentlemanly Player.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Evan Vierling (Barrie)
2021-22: Wyatt Johnston (Windsor)
2019-20: Nick Robertson (Peterborough)
2018-19: Nick Suzuki (Guelph)
2017-18: Nick Suzuki (Owen Sound)
2016-17: Nick Suzuki (Owen Sound)
2015-16: Mike Amadio (North Bay)
2014-15: Dylan Strome (Erie)
2013-14: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2012-13: Tyler Graovac (Belleville)
2011-12: Brandon Saad (Saginaw)
2010-11: Jason Akeson (Kitchener)
2009-10: Ryan Spooner (Peterborough)
2008-09: Cody Hodgson (Brampton)
2007-08: Nick Spaling (Kitchener)
2006-07: Tom Pyatt (Saginaw)
2005-06: Wojtek Wolski (Brampton)
2004-05: Jeff Carter (Sault Ste. Marie)
2003-04: Andre Benoit (Kitchener)
2002-03: Kyle Wellwood (Windsor)
2001-02: Brad Boyes (Erie)
2000-01: Brad Boyes (Erie)
1999-00: Mike Zigomanis (Kingston)
1998-99: Brian Campbell (Ottawa)
1997-98: Matt Bradley (Kingston)
1996-97: Alyn McCauley (Ottawa)
1995-96: Jeff Williams (Guelph)
1994-95: Vitali Yachmenev (North Bay)
1993-94: Jason Allison (London)
1992-93: Pat Peake (Detroit)
1991-92: John Spoltore (North Bay)
1990-91: Dale Craigwell (Oshawa)
1989-90: Mike Ricci (Peterborough)
1988-89: Kevin Miehm (Oshawa)
1987-88: Andrew Cassels (Ottawa)
1986-87: Scott McCrory (Oshawa)
———– Keith Gretzky (Hamilton)
1985-86: Jason Lafreniere (Belleville)
1984-85: Scott Tottle (Peterborough)
1983-84: Kevin Conway (Kingston)
1982-83: Kirk Muller (Guelph)
1981-82: Dave Simpson (London)
1980-81: John Goodwin (Sault Ste. Marie)
1979-80: Sean Simpson (Ottawa)
1978-79: Sean Simpson (Ottawa)
1977-78: Wayne Gretzky (Sault Ste. Marie)
1976-77: Dale McCourt (St. Catharines)
1975-76: Dale McCourt (Hamilton)
1974-75: Doug Jarvis (Peterborough)
1968-69: Rejean Houle (Montreal)
1967-68: Tom Webster (Niagara Falls)
1966-67: Mickey Redmond (Peterborough)
1965-66: Andre Lacroix (Peterborough)
1964-65: Jimmy Peters (Hamilton)
1963-64: Fred Stanfield (St. Catharines)
1962-63: Paul Henderson (Hamilton)
1961-62: Lowell MacDonald (Hamilton)
1960-61: Bruce Draper (St. Michael’s)



Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy (Overage Player of the Year)

The Leo Lalonde Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the overage player of the year as selected by the League’s general managers. The trophy was donated by the trainers of the League in memory of the late Leo Lalonde, former Chief Scout of the OHL’s Central Scouting Bureau. He was formerly the Chief Scout for the Belleville Bulls, as well as a former scout with the Peterborough Petes.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Matthew Maggio (Windsor)
2021-22: Brandon Coe (North Bay)
2019-20: Austen Keating (Ottawa)
2018-19: Justin Brazeau (North Bay)
2017-18: Aaron Luchuk (Barrie)
2016-17: Darren Raddysh (Erie)
2015-16: Kevin Labanc (Barrie)
2014-15: Joseph Blandisi (Barrie)
2013-14: Dane Fox (Erie)
2012-13: Charles Sarault (Sarnia)
2011-12: Andrew Agozzino (Niagara)
2010-11: Jason Akeson (Kitchener)
2009-10: Bryan Cameron (Barrie)
2008-09: Justin DiBenedetto (Sarnia)
2007-08: Michael Swift (Niagara)
2006-07: Tyler Donati (Belleville)
2005-06: Ryan Callahan (Guelph)
2004-05: Andre Benoit (Kitchener)
2003-04: Martin St. Pierre (Guelph)
2002-03: Chad Larose (Plymouth)
2001-02: Cory Pecker (Erie)
2000-01: Randy Rowe (Belleville)
1999-00: Dan Tessier (Ottawa)
1998-99: Ryan Ready (Belleville)
1997-98: Bujar Amidovski (Toronto)
1996-97: Zac Bierk (Peterborough)
1995-96: Aaron Brand (Sarnia)
1994-95: Bill Bowler (Windsor)
1993-94: B.J. MacPherson (North Bay)
1992-93: Scott Hollis (Oshawa)
1991-92: John Spoltore (North Bay)
1990-91: Joey St. Aubin (Kitchener)
1989-90: Iain Fraser (Oshawa)
1988-89: Stan Drulia (Niagara Falls)
1987-88: Len Soccio (North Bay)
1986-87: Mike Richard (Toronto)
1985-86: Steve Guenette (Guelph)
1984-85: Dunc MacIntyre (Belleville)
1983-84: Don McLaren (Ottawa)



Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award

First presented in 2020, the Jim Gregory General Manager of the Year Award is presented annually to the General Manager who best excelled in his role during the regular season. The award honours the memory of one of the game’s great builders in former long-time NHL executive Jim Gregory who passed away in October 2019 at the age of 83.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Mark Hunter (London)
2021-22: Steve Staios (Hamilton)
2019-20: James Boyd (Ottawa)



Matt Leyden Trophy (OHL Coach of the Year)

The Matt Leyden Trophy is awarded annually to the Ontario Hockey League Coach of the Year as selected by OHL coaches and general managers. It is named in honour of Matt Leyden, a former president of the Ontario Hockey Association.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Dave Cameron (Ottawa)
2021-22: James Richmond (Mississauga)
2019-20: Andre Tourigny (Ottawa)
2018-19: Andre Tourigny (Ottawa)
2017-18: Drew Bannister (Sault Ste. Marie)
2016-17: Ryan McGill (Owen Sound)
2015-16: Kris Knoblauch (Erie)
2014-15: Sheldon Keefe (Sault Ste. Marie)
2013-14: DJ Smith (Oshawa)
2012-13: Mike Vellucci (Plymouth)
2011-12: Greg Gilbert (Saginaw)
2010-11: Mark Reeds (Owen Sound)
2009-10: Dale Hunter (London)
2008-09: Bob Boughner (Windsor)
2007-08: Bob Boughner (Windsor)
2006-07: Mike Vellucci (Plymouth)
2005-06: Dave Barr (Guelph)
2004-05: Dale Hunter (London)
2003-04: Dale Hunter (London)
2002-03: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
2001-02: Craig Hartsburg (Sault Ste. Marie)
2000-01: Dave MacQueen (Erie)
1999-00: Peter DeBoer (Plymouth)
1998-99: Peter DeBoer (Plymouth)
1997-98: Gary Agnew (London)
1996-97: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
1995-96: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
1994-95: Craig Hartsburg (Guelph)
1993-94: Bert Templeton (North Bay)
1992-93: Gary Agnew (London)
1991-92: George Burnett (Niagara Falls)
1990-91: George Burnett (Niagara Falls)
1989-90: Larry Mavety (Kingston)
1988-89: Joe McDonnell (Kitchener)
1987-88: Dick Todd (Peterborough)
1986-87: Paul Theriault (Oshawa)
1985-86: Jacques Martin (Guelph)
1984-85: Terry Crisp (Sault Ste. Marie)
1983-84: Tom Barrett (Kitchener)
1982-83: Terry Crisp (Sault Ste. Marie)
1981-82: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
1980-81: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
1979-80: Dave Chambers (Toronto)
1978-79: Gary Green (Peterborough)
1977-78: Bill White (Oshawa)
1976-77: Bill Long (London)
1975-76: Jerry Toppazzini (Sudbury)
1974-75: Bert Templeton (Hamilton)
1973-74: Jack Bownass (Kingston)
1972-73: George Armstrong (Toronto)
1971-72: Gus Bodnar (Oshawa)



Mickey Renaud Captain's Trophy

The Ontario Hockey League announced in February, 2009 that the “Mickey Renaud Captain’s Trophy” will be presented each season to the OHL team captain that best exemplifies the character and commitment that Renaud displayed during his career with the Spitfires.

The winner will be one of the 20 OHL member team captains and will be selected by a special media selection committee representing each of the four OHL divisions. The award is named in honour of Mickey Renaud, the former Windsor Spitfires’ captain, who passed away in February, 2008.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Nolan Dillingham (Sarnia)
2021-22: Mark Woolley (Owen Sound)
2019-20: Ty Dellandrea (Flint)
2018-19: Isaac Ratcliffe (Guelph)
2017-18: Justin Lemcke (Hamilton)
2016-17: Alex Peters (Flint)
2015-16: Michael Webster (Barrie)
2014-15: Max Domi (London)
2013-14: Matt Finn (Guelph)
2012-13: Colin Miller (Sault Ste. Marie)
2011-12: Andrew Agozzino (Niagara)
2010-11: Ryan Ellis (Windsor)
2009-10: John Kurtz (Sudbury)
2008-09: Chris Terry (Plymouth)



OHL Scholastic Awards

Bobby Smith Trophy (Scholastic Player of the Year)

The Bobby Smith Trophy is awarded annually to the OHL Scholastic Player of the Year who best combines high standards of play and academic excellence. The trophy is in honour of Bobby Smith, former Ottawa 67’s star who exhibited the standard of excellence required by the award. Each team’s nominee for the award becomes a member of the OHL Scholastic Team of the Year.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Colby Barlow (Owen Sound)
2021-22: Owen Beck (Mississauga)
2019-20: Cole Perfetti (Saginaw)
2018-19: Thomas Harley (Mississauga)
2017-18: Barrett Hayton (Sault Ste. Marie)
2016-17: Sasha Chmelevski (Ottawa)
2015-16: Nicolas Hague (Mississauga)
2014-15: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2013-14: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2012-13: Darnell Nurse (Sault Ste. Marie)
2011-12: Adam Pelech (Erie)
2010-11: Dougie Hamilton (Niagara)
2009-10: Erik Gudbranson (Kingston)
2008-09: Matt Duchene (Brampton)
2007-08: Ryan Ellis (Windsor)
2006-07: Steven Stamkos (Sarnia)
2005-06: Danny Battochio (Ottawa)
2004-05: Richard Clune (Sarnia)
2003-04: Scott Lehman (Toronto)
2002-03: Dustin Brown (Guelph)
2001-02: Dustin Brown (Guelph)
2000-01: Dustin Brown (Guelph)
1999-00: Brad Boyes (Erie)
1998-99: Rob Zepp (Plymouth)
1997-98: Manny Malhotra (Guelph)
1996-97: Jake McCracken (Sault Ste. Marie)
1995-96: Boyd Devereaux (Kitchener)
1994-95: Jamie Wright (Guelph)
1993-94: Ethan Moreau (Niagara Falls)
1992-93: Tim Spitzig (Kitchener)
1991-92: Nathan Lafayette (Cornwall)
1990-91: Nathan Lafayette (Cornwall)
1989-90: Ryan Kuwabara (Ottawa)
1988-89: Brian Collinson (Toronto)
1987-88: Darrin Shannon (Windsor)
1986-87: John McIntyre (Guelph)
1985-86: Chris Clifford (Kingston)
1984-85: Craig Billington (Belleville)
1983-84: Scott Tottle (Peterborough)
1982-83: Dave Gagner (Brantford)
1981-82: Dave Simpson (London)
1980-81: Doug Smith (Ottawa)
1979-80: Steve Konroyd (Oshawa)


Ivan Tennant Memorial Award (Top Academic High School Student)

The Ivan Tennant Memorial Award is given out each year to the top academic high school student in the OHL. The award is based on the player’s average in his best six courses regardless of level of difficulty of the courses. The award is named in honour of Ivan Tennant who spent a lifetime combining hockey and education. He was the Kitchener Rangers’ Education Consultant for 20 years and a key figure on the OHL’s Academic Advisor’s Committee.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: George Alboim (Erie) & Ethan Hay (Flint)
2021-22: Cal Uens (Owen Sound)
2020-21: Lawson Sherk (Hamilton)
2019-20: Logan LeSage (Owen Sound)
2018-19: Zack Terry (Guelph) & Mack Guzda (Owen Sound)
2017-18: Mack Guzda (Owen Sound)
2016-17: Quinn Hanna (Guelph)
2015-16: Kyle Keyser (Flint)
2014-15: Stephen Dhillon (Niagara)
2013-14: Adam Craievich (Guelph)
2012-13: Connor Burgess (Sudbury)
2011-12: Adam Pelech (Erie)
2010-11: Andrew D’Agostini (Peterborough)
2009-10: Dougie Hamilton (Niagara)
2008-09: Freddie Hamilton (Niagara)
2007-08: Alex Friesen (Niagara)
2006-07: Andrew Shorkey (Owen Sound)
2005-06: Joe Pleckaitis (Ottawa)
2004-05: Matt Pelech (Sarnia)


Roger Neilson Memorial Award (Top Academic Post-Secondary Student)

The Roger Neilson Memorial Award is presented each year to recognize the top post-secondary player in the OHL. The Roger Neilson Memorial Award is named in honour of the Hall of Fame Coach. While coaching the Peterborough Petes in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Neilson, a former high school teacher, was a pioneer in stressing the importance of education to all of his players.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Ryder McIntyre (Oshawa)
2021-22: Adam Varga (Ottawa)
2020-21: Adam Varga (Ottawa)
2019-20: Jacob Golden (Erie)
2018-19: Sasha Chmelevski (Ottawa)
2017-18: Stephen Gibson (Mississauga)
2016-17: Stephen Gibson (Mississauga)
2015-16: Damian Bourne (Mississauga)
2014-15: Justin Nichols (Guelph)
2013-14: Patrick Watling (Sault Ste. Marie)
2012-13: Daniel Altshuller (Oshawa)
2011-12: Kyle Pereira (Guelph)
2010-11: Derek Lanoue (Windsor)
2009-10: Derek Lanoue (Windsor)
2008-09: Tim Priamo (Guelph)
2007-08: Scott Aarssen (London)
2006-07: Derrick Bagshaw (Erie)
2005-06: Danny Battochio (Ottawa)
2004-05: Danny Battochio (Ottawa)




Jack Ferguson Award (First Overall Selection)

“The Fergie” is presented annually to the player selected first overall in the Ontario Hockey League Priority Selection. The award recognizes the dedication and contributions made by Jack Ferguson during his 25 year association with the Ontario Hockey League, first as a scout with the Ottawa 67’s and followed by his appointment as head of the OHL’s Central Scouting Bureau in 1981 as its Director of Central Scouting.

Past Recipients:

2023: Matthew Schaefer (Erie)
2022: Michael Misa (Saginaw)
2021: Quentin Musty (Sudbury)
2020: Ty Nelson (North Bay)
2019: Shane Wright (Kingston)
2018: Quinton Byfield (Sudbury)
2017: Ryan Suzuki (Barrie)
2016: Ryan Merkley (Guelph)
2015: David Levin (Sudbury)
2014: Jakob Chychrun (Sarnia)
2013: Travis Konecny (Ottawa)
2012: Connor McDavid (Erie)
2011: Aaron Ekblad (Barrie)
2010: Alex Galchenyuk (Sarnia)
2009: Daniel Catenacci (Sault Ste. Marie)
2008: John McFarland (Sudbury)
2007: Ryan O’Reilly (Erie)
2006: Steven Stamkos (Sarnia)
2005: John Tavares (Oshawa)
2004: John Hughes (Belleville)
2003: Patrick McNeill (Saginaw)
2002: Robbie Schremp (Mississauga)
2001: Patrick O’Sullivan (Mississauga)
2000: Patrick Jarrett (Mississauga)
1999: Jason Spezza (Mississauga)
1998: Jay Harrison (Brampton)
1997: Charlie Stephens (Toronto)
1996: Rico Fata (London)
1995: Daniel Tkaczuk (Barrie)
1994: Jeff Brown (Sarnia)
1993: Alyn McCauley (Ottawa)
1992: Jeff O’Neill (Guelph)
1991: Todd Harvey (Detroit)
1990: Pat Peake (Detroit)
1989: Eric Lindros (Sault Ste. Marie)
1988: Drake Berehowsky (Kitchener)
1987: John Uniac (Sudbury)
1986: Troy Mallette (Sault Ste. Marie)
1985: Bryan Fogarty (Kingston)
1984: Dave Moylan (Sudbury)
1983: Trevor Stienburg (Guelph)
1982: Kirk Muller (Guelph)
1981: Dan Quinn (Belleville)



Executive of the Year Award

The OHL Executive of the Year Award is presented annually to the executive whose team demonstrates success both on the ice and at the administration level through excellent organization and franchise success. The winner is selected by the League’s Executive Council.

Past Recipients:

2012-13: Mike Vellucci (Plymouth)
2011-12: Steve Bienkowski (Kitchener)
2010-11: Dale DeGray (Owen Sound)
2009-10: Rick Gaetz (Guelph)
2008-09: Warren Rychel (Windsor)
2007-08: Denise Burke (Niagara)
2006-07: Craig Goslin (Saginaw)
2005-06: Craig Goslin (Saginaw)
2004-05: Mike Futa (Owen Sound)
2003-04: Mark Hunter (London)
2002-03: Steve Bienkowski (Kitchener)
2001-02: Sherwood Bassin (Erie)
2000-01: Not awarded
1999-00: Robert Ciccarelli (Sarnia)
1998-99: Jeff Hunt (Ottawa)
1997-98: Paul McIntosh (London)
1996-97: Ed Rowe (Peterborough)
1995-96: Bert Templeton (Barrie)
1994-95: Mike Kelly (Guelph)
1993-94: Jim Rutherford (Detroit)
1992-93: Jim Rutherford (Detroit)
1991-92: Bert Templeton (North Bay)
1990-91: Sherwood Bassin (Sault Ste. Marie)
1989-90: Sam McMaster (Sudbury)



Bill Long Award (Distinguished Service to the OHL)

The Bill Long Award for Distinguished Service is presented in recognition and appreciation of an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the OHL. The recipient must be or have been actively engaged in Junior Hockey. The Award was initiated in 1989 to commemorate the efforts and contributions
of Bill Long during his days in the Ontario Hockey League, spanning over three decades as a coach and manager of the Niagara Falls Flyers, Ottawa 67’s and London Knights.

Past Recipients:

2021-22: Steve Bienkowski (Kitchener)
2017-18: Larry Mavety (Kingston)
2015-16: Pat Casey (Peterborough)
2012-13: Ray McKelvie (Owen Sound)
2009-10: Peter Karmanos Jr. (Plymouth)
2008-09: Bert O’Brien (Ottawa)
————- Sam Sisco (OHL)
2007-08: Don Brankley (London)
———— Gil Hughes (Oshawa)
2005-06: Jeff Twohey (Peterborough)
2004-05: Bert Templeton
2002-03: Norm Bryan (Peterborough)
2001-02: Jim Lever (OHL)
———— Jack Ferguson (OHL)
1996-97: Wren Blair (Kingston)
———— Frank Bonello (OHL)
1993-94: Brian Kilrea (Ottawa)
1992-93: Dr. Robert Vaughan (Belleville)
1991-92: Herb Warr (Peterborough)
1989-90: Sherwood Bassin (Sault Ste. Marie)
1988-89: Earl Montagano (Ottawa)
———— Alec Campagnaro (Guelph)



Ken Bodendistel Character Award for Officials

“The Bodie” is presented annually to the OHL official who demonstrates a passion and dedication to officiating and the game of hockey, who best exemplifies leadership on and off the ice, professionalism, and is respected by OHL member teams, players, and fellow officials alike.
The award was established in 2013 to honour the late Ken Bodendistel, who passed away on Nov. 21, 2013.

Nominations for “The Bodie” are made by OHL officials and reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of the league’s Supervisory staff and Director of Officiating. The award is presented annually at the OHL’s Officiating Camp.

Past Recipients:

2022-23: Drew Jackson
2021-22: Mike Hamilton
2019-20: Jason Faist
2018-19: Geoff Rutherford
2017-18: Kevin Hastings
2016-17: Joe Celestin
2015-16: Mike Cairns
2014-15: Steve Corlyon
2013-14: Sean Reid
2012-13: Scott Oakman