OHL Photo Policy

OHL fans are welcome to take pictures during OHL games from their seats provided that their photographic equipment does not exceed the following standards.

• Any SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera equipment
• Any video camera equipment
• Any camera equipment exceeding 50 mm focal length (ie. more than a 6x zoom)
• No flash photography

SLR cameras or professional photo equipment are strictly prohibited in all Ontario Hockey League arenas without a valid Canadian Hockey League Photo Pass for the current season.

Those individuals that hold a standard Canadian Hockey League credential are permitted to use such equipment within Ontario Hockey League facilities. Any individual that attempts to enter an arena with photographers equipment will be refused entry into the facility unless a valid photography pass is produced.

In addition, flash photography from personal cameras is prohibited in all Ontario Hockey League arenas. Any individuals found to be using flash photography to take either still or action pictures should be removed from the venue or have their equipment confiscated.
The use of professional “strobe” lighting in any venue is limited to individuals designated as official photographers by the CHL or OHL with express permission from the OHL or CHL. Any other use of professional lighting by member teams or media personnel is prohibited without the written consent of the Ontario Hockey League.