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  • In addition to Academic Advisors, every player has access to the support of a tutor at no cost to the player and his family.
    • A unique and personalized academic plan is created to cater to every student athlete’s specific needs.
    • Paper, an online tutor platform which gives students 24/7 access to tutors.
  • All practice times scheduled after regular school hours.
  • Latest technical support is provided to the players to assist them as student athletes.
  • 99% of OHL players graduate from high school, compared to the provincial average of 83%.
  • High school players cannot be traded without the consent of the player and his family.
  • Financial commitment for the education of all players:
    • All education costs paid for by the OHL team while playing in the OHL including tuition, books, compulsory fees and room and board.
    • Every OHL Player is eligible for a scholarship from their respective team, administered through the league office, upon graduating from the OHL.
    • Minimum scholarship benefit for graduating players is tuition, books and compulsory fees for each season played in the OHL toward an undergraduate degree.
    • Maximum scholarship benefit for graduating players is tuition, books, compulsory fees and room and board toward an undergraduate degree
  • The OHL Centrally Administered Scholarship Program facilitated scholarships for 349 OHL Graduates attending different academic institutions with a total scholarship payment in excess of $3.5 M (2021-22 season).
  • Scholarships are flexible and may be utilized at any recognized university, college, trade or technical schools, or career enhancing programs.

Professional Support


  • Full time General Managers, Head coaches and Assistant coaches (including goalie coaches, video coaches, skating coaches and skill development coaches) to support the development of players.
  • Every Member Team supports players through full time athletic therapists in addition to Member Team physiotherapists, physicians and dentists.
  • Dedicated Academic Advisors for all players on each OHL team.
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches.
  • Mental Performance Coaches.
  • Nutritional Consultants.
  • Director of Security, who is a retired OPP Chief Superintendent (Regional Commander), has a communication network with each OHL Member Team security liaison officer.
    • Liaison Officers are members of local police services, in addition to any security needs, they facilitate drug and alcohol awareness seminars as well as additional community support programs.
  • Team doctor and dentist at every OHL game to support the needs of the medical needs of the players.
  • On-site professional emergency care for all players (EMS) for every game.
  • Defibrillator at each OHL bench for all games and practices.
  • Partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
    • Comprehensive Mental Health Program for all players and staff through local CMHA branches.
    • Mental Health Coach for every OHL Member Team providing support to players, staff and billets.
    • Mandatory two hour workshop for players and staff entitled Talk Today regarding mental health awareness.
  • The league, as a member and partner of Hockey Canada, supports the participation of its players in all National Team Programs ie. Under 17, Under 18, World Junior Championship Tournament.
  • All professional services are provided at no cost to players.

Player Development


  • The OHL is the number one development league in the world in providing players to the National Hockey League (NHL) and U SPORTS Men’s Hockey.
  • A total of 217 OHL Graduates spent the 2022-23 season on U SPORTS Men’s Hockey rosters.
  • Since 1969, the OHL has had 2,475 players selected to the NHL = 1st in the world. This represents 20% of all players ever selected in the NHL Draft.
  • Recent OHL Grads who are NHL stars include Connor McDavid, Steven Stamkos, John Tavares, Jason Robertson, Nick Suzuki, Matthew Tkachuk, Mitch Marner, Aaron Ekblad, Drew Doughty, Alex Pietrangelo, Tyler Seguin, Taylor Hall and Jeff Skinner to name a few.
  • Recent OHL Grads who are U SPORTS stars and excelling as student athletes include Liam Hawel (two-time AUS MVP, StFX X-Men), Jacob Roach (OUA West MVP, Brock Badgers), Jake Gravelle (OUA West Defenceman of the Year, Western Mustangs), Kyle Bollers (Dr. Randy Gregg Award winner, TMU Bold), and Troy Lajeunesse (U SPORTS Most Sportsmanlike Player, UPEI Panthers) among others.
  • Seven members of Team Canada’s 2023 Gold Medal under-20 team came from the OHL, along with six members of the Hockey Operations Staff.

Player Benefits


  • Players provided with the best player equipment available at no cost to the player including:
    • Sticks, Skates, Shin pads, Pants, Gloves, Elbow pads, Shoulder pads, Neck guard, Helmet.
    • Goalie pads, Goalie glove and blocker, Goalie chest protector, Goalie pants, Goalie helmet, Goalie sticks.
    • All performance wear.
  • No player registration fees.
  • All players meals are provided for, the majority of which are provided at their billet home.
  • Players provided with off-ice apparel packages.
  • Each OHL Member Team covers its player’s medical and dental fees while the player is player for the Club, under the comprehensive Hockey Canada National Insurance Program, including any specific protective or rehabilitation equipment ie. knee brace
  • Each Member Team provides an annual premium up to $500 for providing 24 hour 12 month on or off ice career ending insurance.
  • Each team provides the players’ transportation cost each year for reporting to Training Camp from the player’s home, to and from the player’s home for the Christmas break and to the player’s home at the conclusion of the player’s academic or athletic year.
  • Each player is provided with game tickets for his parents and family.
  • Each OHL Member Team provides an annual $1000 off season expense reimbursement for players for off ice training and skill development.




  • All players shall receive an expense reimbursement as per league policy.
  • State of the art arena and training facilities to serve in best interest of player development and safety.
  • Team Bus Policy for a safe and positive environment.
  • Billeting of players
    • All prospective families are screened through an interview process.
    • All prospective families have a criminal background check completed.
    • Players are billeted in a safe, comfortable family environment that is pre-approved by a player and his parents.
  • Players housed in quality hotels for road trips.
  • A restricted trading period during the holiday season.
  • Games officiated with the four-man officiating system to support a positive on ice environment for players.
  • All OHL Games supported by dedicated off-ice officials.
  • Utilization of video replay systems for all games which contributes to supporting the efforts and achievements of players.

Player Safety, Health and Welfare Programs


  • Regarded as a hockey leader, the OHL has strict disciplinary and education measures to ensure players are able to play in a proper on-ice environment to support the successful development as a player.
  • On-ice initiatives to curb inappropriate actions include the following:
    • Bullying Policy
    • Fisticuffs Policy
    • Checking to the Head Policy
  • Annual presentations and education on playing rules and suspension policies.
  • Concussion Management Program.
    • Every player under goes annual baseline testing to assist in monitoring the player for the standard League return to play protocol.
  • Drug Education and Anti-Doping Program provided by the League for a drug free sport.
    • Program is developed and administered by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES).
    • Program includes annual online education program for players and staff.
    • Random testing according to World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines.
  • Respect in Sport Program (Harassment and Abuse), including the OHL Onside Program that educates players on respect for women.
  • Diversity Policy.
  • Hazing-Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Blood Spill Policy.
  • Facial/Head Protection Policy.
  • Dentist Fabricated Mouth guard Policy.
  • Tobacco Products Policy.
  • Gambling Policy.
  • Pornography Policy.
  • Throat Protection Policy.
  • League and OHL Member Teams partner with Hockey Ministries International.
  • Social Networking Policy.

League Scheduling Policies


  • OHL teams play the other Conference teams only one home and away to reduce travel and time away from school.
  • League provides a minimum of 7 days off between games prior to and returning from Christmas break.
  • Sensitivity to the academic calendar in scheduling games during exam period.
  • Efficient scheduling of swing trips to reduce travel and time away from school.
  • A playoff structure which utilizes a 2-2-1-1-1 format to reduce travel for players.



  • The Ontario Hockey League has a centralized administration office to support the needs of the players including but not limited to:
    • Central administration of Scholarship Program.
    • Coordination of special events.
    • Centralized assignment of game officials.